Defining Patrons

Patrons are defined at the Select a Customer window located in the Accounting module at File / Open / Customer or at Accounting / Patronage / File / Open / Patron Info. Patrons must be set up as customers first. See the here for setting up customers.


  • Classifications – Optionally select a customer classification to apply to the Patron. These classifications may be used to filter customers on reports in other Agvance modules.
  • Attributes – Optionally select a customer attribute to apply to the Patron.
  • Active Patron – Select this option if this person is an active Patron.
  • Birth Date – Enter the Patron’s date of birth.
  • SSN/Tax ID – Enter the Patron’s social security number or tax ID.
    Note: Active Patron, Birth Date, and SSN/Tax ID are required for the patron to be an active patron.
  • User Defined – There are three check boxes that may be used for filtering purposes in other areas of the program. There are two User Defined Cross Reference text fields which only store text.

Stock Certificates

This window displays all Stock Certificates for the Patron regardless of the status. All allowable editing may be done from this screen. Choose List to display the Patron Certificates. Highlight the entry to view or edit the selected certificate. Modifications to Stock Certificates can also be done under File / Open / Stock Certificates.

Stock History

This window displays all Stock History for the Patron regardless of the status. All allowable editing may be done from this window. Select List to display the Stock History. Highlight the entry to view or edit the selected Stock History record. Modifications to Stock History may also be done under File / Open / Stock History.

1099 Totals/Dues

This window displays all Patron 1099 totals as well as due information. The 1099 amounts may be reviewed and edited. The selection and maintenance of Patron dues are maintained here.

  • 1099 Patr YTD$, 1099 Div YTD$, 1099 Int YTD$, 1099 Int Early Withdrawal YTD$, 1099 NQ YTD$ – The numbers stored in these boxes are updated through various functions in the Patronage module. They may also be manually edited through this window. These numbers are included in various 1099 files for the Patron.
  • Backup Withhold Patr, Backup Withhold Div, Backup Withhold Int – Patrons lacking a valid tax ID or patrons marked on the Patron file for backup withholding at the time of patronage, dividend, or interest checks are processed have amounts withheld. Those withholding amounts are stored in these areas.
  • Dividend Check Holding, Interest Check Holding, Closeout Check Holding – Contains the amount deferred to be disbursed on Patronage check.
  • Dues
    • Due ID – Double-click to select a due. Dues are setup at Setup / Dues.
    • Amount/% – The amount or percentage defaults from the due setup.
    • Active – Mark this box if the due is available to be used.
    • Last Paid Date – The last date dues were withheld from a patronage check.
    • Last Paid Amount – The last amount withheld for dues from a patronage check.
    • Allow Partial Pay – Select this option if a due may be partially withheld from a patronage check.
  • Backup Withhold 1099 – If the Patron has not provided a valid tax ID or if the IRS has notified that this Patron must have tax withheld, select this option. This overrides the withholding tax ID at Setup / Preferences.
  • Deduct AR Balance – When deducting AR balances from patronage checks, this option must be selected.


This window displays all check information for the Patron. Checks may be voided or edited here. Select List to display activity. By highlighting an entry, limited edits or voiding is available.

Captured Totals

This window displays all captured totals, posted or not, in a grid format. Select List to display all captured totals. Totals may be edited by double-clicking on the amounts showing in Dollars or Quantity.

Miscellaneous Info

ACH Account Information for the Customer is stored in this area. If the Customer would like patronage payments made via direct deposit, enter the bank routing and account numbers in this area.