State Earnings Report

The State Earnings report can be used as a quick reference for month, quarter, or yearly state withholding. This report runs from the totals on the employee file, month-to-date, quarter-to-date, or year-to-date figures. Therefore, if this report is needed for quarterly figures, it must be run before ending the payroll months of March, June, September, and December.  


Select State Code - Select the state code to be included on the report. The states listed are setup in Accounting / Setup / Payroll Tax Tables. Multiple state tax tables may be selected.

Select Employees - Select the employee(s) to be included on the report. All employees in the list are setup in Accounting / File / Open / Employee.

Period - The report can be run by month, quarter, or year.   

Sort By - Select the order in which the employees will be listed. SS# is enabled when the Include SSN option is selected.

Include SSN - Check this box to print the social security number of the selected employees on the report.

Subtotal After ___ Employees - Some states have reporting requirements to show a subtotal after a certain number of employees. This option could be used to fulfill those requirements, or may be used as a personal preference. Select this option, and enter a number in the box after which the amounts should subtotal. For example, if the box is selected, and the number entered is 5, the report will subtotal each group of 5 employees.

Dept Code - This report can optionally print a single department or all departments.