Soil Amendments for Florida State Fertilizer Tag

In the state of Florida, some fertilizers may be used as soil amendments. These fertilizers have nutrient value yet are not part of the guarantee; therefore, they are considered non-plant food ingredients and must be listed outside of the guarantee section on the Florida State Fertilizer Tag.


The following steps demonstrate how to setup products used as Soil Amendments to display outside the Guaranteed Analysis on the Florida State Fertilizer Tag.

On the Hub / Setup / Company Preferences / Product tab, select the Product Attribute button. On the Select a Product Attribute window, click the Add button. Setup a product attribute to identify the User Defined Nutrient.

The Attribute Name must begin with ‘BTAO_NNA_’, and then enter the name as it should appear on the tag. All characters after ‘NNA_’ print on the State Fertilizer Tag.

Note: For more information on setting up User Defined nutrients and how they can be used in Agvance, view the User Defined Nutrients - Start With document.

In this example, Sulfur 90 will be used. Add or edit the product that will be used as a Soil Amendment. On the Profile tab, click the Attributes button. Enter the value of the BTAO_NNA_Sulfur 90 attribute in the Attribute Value column.

Note: For a product to be used as a soil amendment and not listed in the guarantee section of the Florida State Fertilizer Tag, it cannot contain a Nutrient Contributor value on the Blend Setup tab of the product.

Note: The Purpose and Directions for application are entered on the Review Tag window per Blend Ticket.