Slow Moving Inventory Report

The Slow Moving Inventory report displays Products that have sold less than the Beginning Amount on Hand quantity if the Total Cost of the current Company Owned quantity is higher than the amount entered in the Total Cost Over field.


Navigate to the Slow Moving Inventory report at Accounting / Accounting Reports / Inventory / Inventory Status.

The heading of the report displays the Total Cost Over and the designated cost being used in the report.

The Inv. Units Amount on Hand, Unprocessed Delivery Tickets, Loaded Blends, Unprocessed Purchases, and Billing Units Company Owned should match a current Company Owned Inventory Statement with the same cost.

  • Cost – The Cost column reflects the current billing unit cost based on the Use Which Cost selection on the Report Criteria window.
  • Total Cost – The Total Cost column is calculated using the Cost multiplied by the Billing Units Company Owned.
  • Beginning Year Amount on Hand – The Beginning Year Amount on Hand is the Inventory Statement Amount on Hand for the beginning period.
  • Total Outbound Quantity – The Total Outbound Quantity is the quantity of Inventory Units sold year-to-date.