SKY Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is Agvance SKY?

A.  Agvance SKY represents the new platform for the next generation of SSI software and includes a combination of web and mobile native apps.  SKY applications feature a modern, intuitive user experience and reside in the cloud.  A full, web-based API (Application Program Interface) enables your IT department or partner developers to integrate and extend Agvance capabilities when needed. 

Q.  When is Agvance SKY available?

A.  Today! SSI began releasing applications developed within the SKY platform in 2016.  Some of these are SKY versions of existing Agvance modules while others are brand new tools. We continue to deliver updated versions and new functionality incrementally. We have taken into account that many of you want to get your hands on the new SKY tools before we’ve finished redesigning all of the Agvance functionality so we’ve made it easy for you to continue to use the version of Agvance you have now, right along beside the new SKY tools.

Q.  What are the hardware requirements for Agvance SKY?

A.  Since the SKY platform resides in the cloud, expensive server equipment no longer needs to be purchased and maintained.  Hardware needs are simply any client device that can run a web browser, such as workstations, mobile phones, tablets and printers.  All programs and data will be hosted on a private, secure server that will be maintained, backed up multiple times per hour and updated by SSI.

Q.  Why is being hosted so important for using SKY apps?

A.  The sooner you get to the cloud the sooner you will have thousands of very bright folks working every day to make your system more reliable, secure, and fast. Other benefits of being hosted include:

  • Improved uptime and response to system issues
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • On-demand scalability as your business grows or just wants Agvance to go faster
  • Significant IT savings and lower costs of ownership

Q.  Is there additional costs associated with moving to SKY?

A.  Agvance SKY is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription and the ‘all-in-one’ fee will include the licenses, hosting, backups, updates and technical support.  So, bundling these new SSI provided IT services will cause an increase in your semi-annual fees but you get a lot more value and should be spending less on internal IT.

Q.  Will SKY bring new capabilities and functional improvements?

A.  Yes, there will be several significant improvements:

  • Integrated workflow & notifications
  • Interactive reporting (dashboards, visualizations, user-defined)
  • More user metrics & usage trends
  • Eliminate the need for additional databases each year
  • Single sign-on to SKY and apps