Used to maintain information about custom applicators, this area at Hub / Setup / Applicators is optional but gives the ability to indicate the driver on a particular job.

Reports may be run on applicators listing those whose selected dates have expired. These report options are found by selecting Reports on the Select Applicators window.

  • ID – Enter an ID for this Applicator. Up to 6 characters are allowed. (i.e., Francis Cronin might be CroFra – the first three characters of the last name and the first three of the first name).
    Note: If this Applicator is also an employee of the company, the same ID assigned in the Payroll portion of the Accounting program may be used.
  • Inactive – Selecting this option makes the Applicator unavailable to select in areas of the program.
  • First and Last Names – Enter the first and last names as they should appear on Applicator reports.
  • Address/Phones – This address information prints on the Applicator General Information report.
  • Birth Date, Last Drug Test, Last Physical, Licenses and Expiration dates – These are optional dates that may be tracked as needed.
  • Dicamba License # – If the Applicator has a Dicamba license number, enter it in this area. If this information and the Training Date are completed, when the Applicator is selected on a Blend Ticket, the information prints on the Custom App document.
  • Training Date – Enter the Dicamba license training date if applicable. If this date and the Dicamba License # are entered, when the Applicator is selected on a Blend Ticket, it will print on the Custom App document.
  • Email Address – This information prints on the Applicator General Information report. An email address must be entered for Energy drivers.
  • Type – Used as a filtering/selection tool, select the Arrow to choose from previously entered Types. Add new applicator types by selecting this field and typing. When selecting applicators on transactions, the Select Applicators window may be filtered by Type.
  • Location – This is the location associated with the applicator.
  • Agronomy/Energy/All – Select the type of driver being established. Agronomy or All types are visible for precision Applicators. Energy or All types with an Email Address entered are visible for Energy transactions.