Setting Up Bar Codes as Product Attributes

As an alternative to using the Bar Code ID on the product profile, bar codes can also be set up as Product Attributes.


  1. On the Product tab at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences, choose Product Attributes.  
  2. Select Add then enter an Attribute Name. Optionally set a Maximum Length, Disallow Duplicates, and check the Required checkbox to force the user to fill in the Attribute field on a new product before the item can be saved. Select Save.
  3. Once the new attributes for bar codes are setup, choose Product Barcode Scannable Items button while still on the Product tab at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences.
  4. This establishes the rule on where and what order to search in Agvance to find a bar code match. Generally, the defaults of (Product)(Lot Number) and (Product)(UPC Code) will remain. In the third drop-down, choose the next attribute to search.
  5. Once the Barcode Lookup Order is saved, add barcodes on products by going to the Profile tab of the product at File / Open / Product and selecting Attributes.