Set Up and Use Manufactured Inventory

  1. Go to File / Open / Products and edit the finished product (which must already be an item in the inventory).
  2. Select Manufactured Formula. For more on the formula set up screen, see the Product File section in the Hub help file.
  3. Enter the quantity made by one batch (often 2000 Lbs for fertilizer), the raw materials used, and the quantity of material needed to make a batch. Check the Affect Inventory at Billing option if this product is made to order (in other words, there is no stockpile of it). Save this formula.
  4. Blend at Invoicing. If the product is blended as it is sold and the manufactured product is marked to Affect Inventory at Billing, the Invoice initiates the Blend. In this scenario, the finished good generally has a zero amount on hand (the quantity that gets produced is immediately sold). Saving the invoice manufactures the product and sells it all in one transaction.
  5. Blend to Stockpile. If a stockpile of this product is kept, then the Affect Inventory at Billing option should not be selected when setting up the manufactured formula. When the batch is made for the stockpile, use Inventory / Manufacture Inventory and indicate the quantity produced and any notes. The corresponding quantities for the raw materials display. Using this method, the product for the finished good has the quantity increased while the quantities for the raw materials are decreased.