ScoutPro Integration

ScoutPro is an iPad app used by field scouts to help identify pests with a library of pictures for weeds, insects, disorders, and diseases. The information entered by the scout denotes the pest and its location on a map.

The integration with Agvance Mapping provides the following efficiency and communication features:

  1. From within Agvance Mapping, field perimeters of the maps can be wirelessly exported to the ScoutPro portal and forwarded to the appropriate scout’s device.
  2. After the ScoutPro mobile app is used to denote the pest information, a .PDF scouting report is automatically sent to the ScoutPro portal.
  3. In Agvance Mapping, the same sync feature which exports field perimeters also imports the PDF files and pest location information. The PDF scouting reports are automatically attached to the Agvance field and are viewable at the Hub / Field Info window. Pest locations import into Agvance mapping as a new map layer depicting the pests found on each field.


Obtain a key from ScoutPro to link the ScoutPro database to the Agvance database. Navigate to Mapping / SSI / ScoutPro Interface. Select the Setup ScoutPro button, and enter the ScoutPro Web Service Database Key.

Select OK. Choose the Add button on the ScoutPro Interface window; the Edit a ScoutPro Consultant window displays. The information on this window is used to create the consultants and growers in the ScoutPro app.

The minimum amount of information required is the ID, E-mail, and Web Password. The E-mail and Web Password are the credentials used to log in to ScoutPro.  

Note: At least one Agvance customer must have a field boundary to create a consultant account in ScoutPro.

After the information is entered, select Save.  

Note: The date defaults the last sync date or current system date.

From the What to Sync dropdown menu, choose to push information out of Agvance by selecting Fields or to pull in information from ScoutPro by selecting Reports. Selecting Both performs both a push (which will create the consultant account and add growers/farms/fields) and a pull (such as scouting reports and layers) of information. Any new information will be exported from Agvance and imported to ScoutPro and vice versa.

Select the Sync with Service button to create a consultant account in the ScoutPro database. 

Fields must first be set up in Agvance and pushed out to ScoutPro. Agvance will not bring in reports for fields created first in ScoutPro.

Contacting ScoutPro


Phone: 515-979-8540

Address: ScoutPro Inc, PO Box 68 Ames, IA 50010