Scale Ticket Weighmaster


Truck drivers may independently weigh and record non-grain inventoried loads using the Agronomy Scale Interface by selecting their name from a list of Weighmasters.


At Hub / Utilities / Scale Interface / Agvance Scale Interface / Setup / Configure Scale Interface on the General tab view the Assume Weighmaster is logged in option.  When this option is turned off, an additional option to Clear Weighmaster is also available. With Clear Weighmaster selected, no Weighmaster defaults onto the Scale Ticket. If Clear Weighmaster is not selected, the last used Weighmaster defaults onto the Scale Ticket.

On the Add a Scale Ticket window, a Select a Weighmaster window displays when double-clicking on the Weighmaster label if the Assume Weighmaster is logged in option is turned off.

Weighmasters can be added, edited or deleted from the Select a Weighmaster window. Additions or changes made here are shared with the Weighmasters in Grain Scale Interface.