Purging Agronomy Scale Tickets

Navigate to Agvance Scale Interface / Operations / Purge Tickets.

  • Purge All Imported Tickets – Select to delete all Scale Tickets that have been imported.
  • Purge Through – This option is available when Purge All Imported Tickets is not selected. To purge imported Scale Tickets through a specified date, select the Calendar icon to choose the date. The system date defaults.
  • Purge – Select to purge the imported Scale Tickets. A message displays the number of Scale Tickets to be purged and asks to proceed.

How to Purge Scale Tickets

  1. Go to Operations / Purge Tickets.
  2. If all imported tickets are to be purged, select the Purge All Imported Tickets option. If only imported tickets through a specified date are to be purged, deselect that option and enter the date in the Purge Through field.
  3. Select Purge.