Pre-Packaged Pesticides

Pre-Packaged Pesticides

As the industry tries to make the blending of pesticides safer, the development of dissolvable packages has been a challenge for blending programs. The following steps guide the setup of these products.

Setting Up Packaged Products

Set up an Inventory Department for all prepackaged items. This department should use a scale default set to round to a scale accuracy of 1. Typically, this is the setting for Scale 3 at Setup / Location Preferences on the Blend Setup tab.

Formulas for Adding the Products

  1. The Inventory Units and the Billing Units should be the same. This makes the Billing Divisor equal to one (1). For our example, set these as Lbs.
  2. The Package Size is how many Lbs or Ozs are in the dissolvable package.
    Note: This must be in the same units as the Inventory Units.
  3. The Package Units are set to Each.
  4. Product Density per cu. ft. = a number greater than zero. The higher this number the less it affects the gallon per acre.
  5. The Rate/Acre Units are entered. These are usually in Ozs. This is also called the Rating Unit.
  6. The Blending Units are entered as Each.

Calculate the Rate to Blend Ratio

Multiply one (1) Rating Unit times the amount of the product in one dissolvable package. Use the same units for the package that were used for the rating unit.

For example, Basis Gold is rated at 14 oz. per acre, so its rating unit is oz. Basis Gold is packaged in a 3.5 lb bag. To determine the number of oz. in the 3.5 lb package, multiply:

{3.5 (lb/package) x 16 (oz/lb)} = 56.

Calculate the Blend to Inventory Ratio

This is the number of Blending Units in one Inventory Unit. Divide one (1) Blending Unit by the Package Size. Using our example above, the Blending Unit is Each and the Inventory Unit is Lbs. The blend to inventory ratio is 1 / 3.5 = 0.2857.