Posting Equal Bills

Posting Equal Bills at Energy / Equal Bills / Posting creates a Memo Invoice for each selected customer. Creating a Memo Invoice does not affect the customer’s Regular Accounts Receivable account or the General Ledger. It does show on the customer Payment on Account screen when the Budget Billing Payment Type is selected as well as the Aged Budget Balance report. The General Ledger remains unaffected until a payment is taken against the Memo Invoice.

  • Invoice Date – This the date for the Memo Invoices.
  • Due Date – This is the due date for the Memo Invoices created.
  • Location – This is the location for the Invoices created by the posting function.
  • Filter
    • Cycle – This filters for the cycle set at File / Open / Tank Information on the Profile tab.
    • Location – This filters the information in the grid by the location on the tank.
    • Create Payment – This option allows the payment to automatically be posted when the bills are created. This is useful in the situation of Budget Billing payments received electronically from customers.
  • Date – Enter the date for the payment.
  • Method – Select the payment method to be used on the customer’s payment.
  • Tag All – Select all tanks in the grid for posting.
  • Print Invoices – Selecting this box prints the Memo Invoices for the selected Equal Billing customers when choosing OK.
  • Print Report – This prints a report of the information shown in the grid.

Once Budget Invoices are posted, this screen at Energy / Equal Bills / Budget Invoices gives additional options.

  • Edit – This option allows the Invoice to be viewed. The Invoice Due Date may be edited.
  • Void – This removes the amount of the Budget Invoice from the Payment on Account window and amount due on Budget Billing statements.
  • Reprint – Select the Invoice to be reprinted. At the top of the screen, a Budget Invoice range may be entered to be reprinted if there are a group of Invoices to print.