Deliveries - SKY Order


Search for Deliveries by Ticket number, Date, Customer, or Location with the Search field.

Select the Ellipsis icon to View PDF or Download PDF of a Delivery or to Reverse or Void a Delivery.

Add a Delivery

Delivery Tickets can be added by selecting + Add Order at the bottom right corner of the page then choosing + New as Delivery.

Note: Auto-numbering for Deliveries must be turned on in Agvance to create a Delivery in Order. The timing of turning on this feature impacts Agvance data. Please contact SSI for assistance.

Step 1: Order Details

  1. Enter the Location associated with the Delivery. The Salesperson defaults as the Salesperson selected on the User profile in SKY Admin but can be adjusted.
  2. Select the appropriate Order Options for the Delivery.
  3. Optionally enter a Requested Date, Priority, and indicate the Delivery is Ready. This information will be available in SKY Dispatch upon saving.
  4. Select Next Step or the next step in the process to proceed.

Step 2: Splits

  1. Select the customer or customers for the Delivery by using the Search Customer field. To remove a customer from the split, choose the Trash Can icon.
  2. Customers with active Ship Tos will have a Ship To Address drop-down. If one of the Ship Tos is marked as primary, it will default in. If the first customer on the split does not have any Ship To addresses, the drop-down will be disabled.
  3. The first customer listed on the split defaults to 100% of the split. Any subsequent customers selected default at 0%. Use the Up/Down Arrows to adjust the split percentage or enter the preferred split arrangements in the Split % fields.
  4. When satisfied with the split arrangement, select Next Step or choose the next step in the process list to proceed.

Step 3: Products

  1. Choose Filters to search for Products in a specific department.
  2. To add products, begin typing a product name in the search bar and select the product(s). The Product ID, Department, Department ID, and Amount on Hand information for each product is displayed. To remove a product, select the Trash Can icon.
  3. When all products have been added, select Next Step or choose the next step in the process list to proceed.

Step 4: Pricing

  1. Enter a quantity for each product.
    Note: Products that are a part of a Technology Group will display the customer's license number if applicable. If the customer(s) on the order do not have a tech license and the Delivery Check Method is set to Warn Only on the Tech Group at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences / Product, a message will display below the product stating A tech license is recommended to continue the order with this product but will allow the Delivery to be saved. If set to Restrict Sale, a message will display below the product stating A tech license is required to continue the order with this product and will prevent moving on to the next step/saving the Delivery.
    Note: Products selected that are state or federally restricted display icons indicating a permit must be selected. When a valid permit is selected, the icon changes to a green checkmark.
  2. A Lot Number can be selected if already set up in Agvance. If the Inventory Department is set to Disallow Lot Numbers (found by editing the Department at Accounting / Setup / Inventory Departments), this option will not be available.
    Note: If the Product belongs to an Inventory Department that requires a Lot Number, the appropriate warnings/messages will display:
    • Warn Only – A message will display giving the option to continue saving the transaction or go back to select a Lot Number. 
    • Stop Sale – A message will display stating a Lot Number is required with no option to move on to the next step or save.
  3. When quantities and permits have been added, select Next Step or choose the next step in the process list to proceed.

Step 5: Review Order

  1. Review all details of the Delivery including Location, Order Status, Salesperson, Split Information, Product Information, and Product Total.
  2. Choosing someone in the Assign To field will automatically display the Delivery in the Warehouse app for that assignee indicating this order needs fulfilled.
  3. Make corrections by selecting Previous Step to navigate to the previous step or select the appropriate stage from the process list.
  4. When satisfied with the Delivery details, select Save.