Moving Customers to SKY Mapping

Customers can easily be imported into Agvance SKY Mapping directly from the Agvance program.

  1. In Agvance, go to Hub / Setup / Company Preferences / API / Mapping Interface and choose Select in the Send Customers to Mapping area. 
  2. On the Select Customers window, use Agvance filtering options to select the customers to be linked to SKY Mapping 
    • On the Filter tab, a Fields filtering option is available: 
      • All – Filter for all customers regardless of Field setup. 
      • No fields – Filter for customers with no Fields in Agvance. 
      • With fields – Filter for customers with Fields set up in Agvance. 
      • With fields with boundary – Filter for customers with Field boundaries set up in Agvance Mapping. 
    • With the desired filters selected, choose Apply then return to the Customers tab. 
  3. With the desired customers selected, choose Done
  4. Select Send to Mapping. Customers will be linked and available in SKY Mapping