Manage Seed Orders

Grower Order

Grower Orders allow one entry point to manage product orders from growers and vendors. Optionally filter Grower Orders with the Booking Status drop-down to display ALL, Deleted, or Not Deleted on the Select Grower Order window.

PO options on Grower Orders honor user restrictions. The default is No PO for users restricted from all options.

Begin by selecting the customer and vendor. Once the products are selected and quantities entered, the product availability may be optionally checked through the vendor’s EDN web service. Saving a new Grower Order adds a booking for the customer with specified products and quantities and also adds a new Purchase Order or edits an existing Purchase Order. Edits to existing Grower Orders update quantities and add new products to the referenced customer Booking and the vendor Purchase Order.

When adding Grower Orders, optionally select Start With to allow for products on multiple Grower Orders (where the seed supplier is different on each Grower Order) to exist on one Booking.

Supplier E-Link provides the opportunity to check the availability for multiple products in Agvance from the Grower Order Product Selection window.

  1. From the Grower Order Product Selection window, select the product(s) being considered for the order.
  2. From the Select Products window, right-click on any of the column headings in the product list and select Show Filter Row. A new row is added below the column headings to type in filter criteria such as a product name, variety, seed size, etc.
    Example: The product list could be filtered to only display products where the product name begins with DKC61-21. Since only the filtered products would be displayed, the Select All arrow places all filtered products into the shopping cart.
    Note: Add more columns to this list by right-clicking on any of the column headings and selecting Choose Columns Alphabetically. The product list is filtered based on the user’s entry.
  3. After selecting the products, place the list of products into the shopping cart and select Check Availability.
    Hint: If regularly checking availability on a certain group of seed products, set a classification for these products and use Classifications to quickly place those products into the shopping cart.

Grower Order Reconciliation

For Supplier eLink users, this area allows the selection of a vendor and location. These options determine the Grower Orders to be reconciled with the corresponding vendor’s web service to ensure all orders are in sync with both systems. Send Request contacts the vendor for the Grower Order information. Depending on the volume of information, this process may take some time. The grid displays the Grower Orders for the vendor, the Grower Orders in Agvance, and displays the quantity differences between the two systems at the line item level.

Dealer Order

This area allows review of existing vendor orders entered through the Grower Orders area. It can optionally create a list of all products the company has ordered. When connected to the vendor’s web service (EDN), the long/short status of the products display between the company and the vendor. A change log is also available to track order changes through the web service.

Dealer Orders can also be used to reconcile the customer’s booked product. This allows adjusting of all product bookings for a specific product. Each customer’s booked amounts may be adjusted individually or quantities may be adjusted by percent or flat amounts across all customer booked product.