Leased or Condo Storage for Grain


Leased or condo storage is an arrangement between a facility and its investors (typically farmers) to store a guaranteed specific amount of grain at a reduced monthly or annual fee.  It is important to keep track of these units and how much each customer has under this position, especially in years when available storage is at a minimum.  Some facilities allow customers to sublease their storage; therefore, it is important to also be able to track these units.


The first step in setting up condo/leased storage is to specify which customers have condo storage and how much they have.  This is done at the Hub / File / Customers / Grain Information tab. 

For customers who have a specified amount of space available, enter in the number of units those customers have purchased or leased from the grain elevator (if any) in the ‘Customer Leased Units’ field, plus any space they have subleased from other “Condo/Leased Storage” owners (if any).

Customers who have no space of their own, but are using an undetermined amount of space allotted to another customer, can be associated with the other customer by entering the customer ID of the customer that has the Condo/Leased Storage in the field.

Note:  There cannot be an entry in both text boxes (Leased Units and Associate Grower) on the Customer Grain Information tab, for any one customer.  The Customer Associate Grower field would normally only be used when the customer has no space of their own and are using an undetermined amount of another customer’s space.

Identifying ‘Condo’ Space

Assembly sheet lines that need to be tracked as condo should be checked as condo.

[Assembly Sheet edit.bmp] When a contract overfill occurs during the adding of a scale ticket and the newly created split requires it to be condo storage, edit the assembly sheet and check the ‘Condo YN’ checkbox for the appropriate line.

Settlements from a non-condo source of assembly or settlement can be designated as ‘Condo Storage’ status simply by checking the ‘Condo/Leased Storage’ box in the Change Destination Information area of the settlement.  For settlements coming from a condo assembly line or from a settlement marked ‘Condo’, this box will automatically be checked.


To run reports for ‘Condo/Leased Storage’ go to Grain Reports / Inventory / Leased Space/Condo Report.  

Note:  If not selecting all commodities, the report may indicate more available space than what is actually available.  The commodities not included may be consuming space that is not indicated in this report.

Customer Name (ID) - all customers who have an entry in the field on the Customer Information tab will be listed in this report.  Customers who have an entry in the  text box will only be included in this report if they currently are using  any amount of another grower’s space, and the user has checked the ‘Include Supporting Records’ checkbox before running the report.

Allotted Space – the amount entered in the field on the Customer Information tab for the customer.

Used Space – the amount of space for a customer that is currently being used on ‘open’, non-priced, assembly sheets plus any units on open settlements that are not settled to a priced category of Priced, Priced-Not Paid, Installment Sale, Deferred Payment or Redelivered.

Available to move – the sum of any unassigned condo units that each grower customer listed in the report plus any other ‘associated’ customers that are allowed to use that grower’s space has, (based on the commodities and locations selected as report criteria) that are on open assembly sheets or open settlements EXCLUDING Settlements of TODPR of Redelivered, Priced, Priced-Not Paid, Deferred Payment and Installment Sale.

To view details, check the box ‘Include Supporting Records’ before running the report.  This will display the location where all open units are sitting.  In this example, John Bummer has moved some of his Condo/Leased Storage to other contracts.  Cathie Attitude is listed under Randy Happy’s detail because he is sharing his units with her. 

Note:  Condo/Leased Storage is based on units and not on commodity so there can be different commodities in the used space.