Canada Grain Storage Receipt


The Canada Grain Storage Receipt can be printed from grain settlements as a settlement contract when settling scale tickets to open storage or grain bank DPR dispositions.

The Canadian Storage Receipt format will only be available to print when the source documents on the settlement are all scale tickets, the number of scale tickets being settled does not exceed 40 tickets, there is only one DPR destination on the settlement and that destination is either grain bank or open storage.

User Guidelines

The unit of measure for each grain commodity should be set to be MT (metric tonnes)

At settlement, the settlement contract number will need to be manually entered so that user can be sure that number matches the next unused receipt number that is available to print.  Settlement contracts should not be set to auto number.

To be in compliance with the Canada Grain Act, do not settle units from a scale ticket to more than one Canada Grain Storage Receipt (settlement contract) as a scale ticket number can only be listed on one receipt. When settling units from a scale ticket to open storage or grain bank, and a storage receipt is to be printed, make sure all units on the scale ticket that need to be receipted are included in that settlement. 


Saved Comments can be used to store the “Charges” that need to be printed in the Terms and Conditions section of the receipt.  At Setup/Saved Comments, add a Settlement to Canadian Storage Receipt saved comment for each charge that may need to be printed on the receipt. The appropriate saved comment can be selected during the settlement process.

Procedures at Grain Settlement

When settling 40 or fewer scale tickets to open storage or grain bank and the Canada Grain Storage Receipt is to be printed, check the Print Open Storage Contract or Print Grain Bank Contract (whichever one is applicable) on the Print Settlement Information window. 


Then select the printer to be used. When pre-printed (regulatory approved) laser type receipt forms are being used, the # of copies to be printed should be 1.  Any extra copies needed will need to be made by photocopying the original copy of the receipt that prints.  (The word Copy will be visible across the face of every photocopy that is made)    Select the Canadian Storage Receipt from the Format dropdown box. If charges apply and need to be printed on the receipt, select the appropriate charge comment (previously saved) from the dropdown box.  If the receipt needs to have a termination date, enter or select the termination date that is to be printed.

Sample Copy of the Canadian Grain Storage Receipt.  Agvance can fill in the blanks on this format.