JDF - Canada

Add/Edit a Merchant

Add or edit the Merchant at Accounting / Setup / A/R / JDC Setup / Setup / Merchant Numbers. Select JDF Canada if the Merchant is in Canada. For companies operating in Quebec, select In Quebec.

Selecting In Quebec displays a JDC Disclosure (French) option. If a customer prefers French and a JDF Disclosure is not received from JDF during a transaction, the text in this section prints on the Payment Receipt and Quick Ticket receipt.

Note: See the customer setup section for information on specifying French.

Customer Setup

In Accounting, navigate to File / Open / Customers and edit the Customer file. On the Miscellaneous Info tab, for companies not in Quebec, the Postal Code is in the Canadian format.

If the Merchant is set to In Quebec, the Miscellaneous Info tab has an added column Prefers French.