Item Groups

A method of adding additional routine charges to an Invoice is to establish groups of extra charges associated with the sale of particular products. This feature was originally designed for motor fuel taxes where several taxes might be applicable on the sale of a single product.

Once established, the Item Group is selected at the invoicing window.


At Hub / Setup / Item Group, define the various groups of products needed. The Default Quantity for the Item Group Products can either be the Same, 1, 0, or Dollars. This depends on what the quantity default should be for these items when the Group is used at invoicing. Same uses the same quantity as the qualifying Product. A 1 is used when the item is a flat fee. A 0 requires the quantity to be entered. Dollars is used when the quantity for the item should be the dollar amount of the qualifying Product.

The Sales Tax column determines if sales tax is calculated on the Item Group. The options are Taxable, Not Taxable, or Parent Item. Taxable includes the item when calculating the tax. Not Taxable excludes the item when calculating tax. Parent Item looks to the tax status of the parent item to determine if sales tax is to be calculated. When invoicing, the sales tax options default based on these settings on the Item Group.