Inventory FAQs

Q.  When entering an Inter-Company Transfer, the following message displays, ‘The product 'Dap(18-46-0)' cannot be transferred because no matching product can be found in the receiving location. Please check your product setup.’ However, the same product is in both locations.

A.  In this instance, the inventory departments did not have an exact Category match, which links corresponding departments. To verify, edit the inventory departments at Accounting / Setup / Inventory Departments, and check that the Category selections are an exact match.
Note: The Category can be entered manually or chosen from the dropdown list. If entered manually, be sure the spelling in both locations is exactly the same. If they are even slightly different, Agvance finds the mismatch and displays the error again.

Q.  When starting an Inter-Company Transfer, the following error occurs:  You are attempting to transfer product between locations for which transfers are not allowed. Choose a different location.

A.  Edit the Location at Accounting (or Hub) / Setup / Locations and, on the Profile tab, check the Region for both locations involved with the transfer. Both must either be blank, or both must be filled in (they do not necessarily have to match).

Q.  The message Delivery Ticket Not on File displays in the following situation:

  • Edit an unprocessed Delivery Ticket, change the date only, and save.
  • Without exiting the Select a Delivery Ticket screen, highlight the ticket just changed and choose Edit.

A.  To resolve this, select Apply at the bottom of the screen in the Delivery Ticket Filter section or exit the Select screen and come back into it.