Instructions for Emailing via Bulk Email Service

Errors are occurring when sending documents using a company's existing mail service provider. To help address this situation as quickly as possible, SSI researched and tested a way to allow companies to use a bulk email service instead of their existing mail service provider. While it is possible other bulk email services may work, SSI researched and tested using SendGrid® which can be found at This service has a charge based upon the number of emails to be sent.

SendGrid® Setup Instructions

After setting up a SendGrid® account, it is recommended to follow SendGrid®’s instructions for helping prevent emails from going to a customer’s Spam folder. The following link provides information regarding this setup:

Once the SendGrid® account has been established, enter the following information at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences on the General tab.

  • Mail Host – Enter the mail host information. For SendGrid®, enter
  • Set Port and select Use SSL.
  • Mail Host Email
    • Address – This is a combination of apikey and the From email address separated by a Tab character. Create this address in Notepad and copy/paste into the Address field.
    • Password – For SendGrid®, enter the API key.

Note: The following documents are not available for emailing from Agvance using a Bulk Email Service:

  • Agvance Reports – using Send Email when previewing
  • AP PO approver emails
  • Legacy Dispatch – completed job emails
  • Purchase Orders – emailing to vendors
  • AP ACH – email notifications to vendors
  • Emails generated from AgvAgent for .pdf output
  • Emails to energy drivers from Energy Work Order or call in option