Incidental or Manually Written Checks

Invoices for incidental expenses that arise are often not entered into the Accounts Payable area of the program. Examples of these types of entries would be manually written checks or incidental checks like a UPS COD shipment or a local organization soliciting a donation.

These payments may be entered by going to G/L / Quick Check. In the case where the payee is an existing vendor, select that vendor. When the check is written to a one-time payee, a Miscellaneous Vendor may be selected and the name and address manually entered before the check is printed. If the name was manually entered, it is visible on the vendor’s Activity tab in the Payments area.

Another example of when a Quick Check could be used is a check that was taken to a local store to purchase cleaning supplies for the office. The check is handwritten at the time of the purchase and entered into Agvance later. A Quick Check could be entered into Agvance to record the expense at the Quick Expense Check screen choosing the Neither option to save the check but not print it.

Quick Check creates an A/P Bill and immediately pays the bill. The selected expense account and checking general ledger account are affected immediately as well as the vendor cash disbursement.