Grower360 Scale Ticket Export

Growers can quickly generate an export of Scale Tickets of grain that has been delivered to the elevator to share with the county or an insurance agent.

  1. In Grower360, using the left-hand navigation menu options, select Grain and then Scale Tickets
  2. Scale Tickets can be viewed by Tickets, Assembly Sheets, or Commodity. However, only the Tickets view can be exported. 
  3.  Viewing by Tickets, select Export and enter a date range for the export. If a date range was entered on the Tickets view, it will default in when selecting Export. If not wanting to further filter the tickets, advance to Step 6. 
  4. Optionally select a Commodity from the drop-down displayed by selecting in the Commodity field. 
  5. Filter the information further by using the By Farm or By Field options and selecting a Farm or Field from the drop-down in the Farm or Field areas. 
  6. If no Scale Tickets match the selected filters, the Export window will display a message indicating no Scale Tickets are available. Select a different Date Range, Commodity, or Farm/Field to export.
  7. Select Export. A CSV file will be downloaded and displayed in the activity bar at the bottom of the window. 
  8. Select the file to open. In the export, the Scale Ticket Number, Date, Assembly Number, Commodity Name, Location Name, Gross Weight, Shrink Units, and Net Units are included. This information can then be saved in an Excel format and presented to county or insurance companies as needed.