Grower360 Energy Setup

Energy tanks and tickets associated with those tanks can be viewed from the Energy menu option in Grower360. This option only displays for growers set up in the Agvance Energy module.

To view Energy tanks and their associated tickets, log in to Grower360 and select Energy from the menu. A listing of active Energy tanks displays, including the Product, Est. Tank %, Tank Size, Last Fill Amt, and Last Fill date.

Note: It is important the Energy tank names in Agvance are set in a way that is fitting for the customer to view. Best practice is to name these tanks in a way that makes sense to the customer as well as staff.

Tanks can be filtered by selecting Filters to the left of the Search field. Selecting Filters displays options to filter tanks by Date Range (which is the Last Fill date) or Products. Tanks can also be searched by the tank name or Product.

The filters selected display below the Filters button.

To view Energy tickets associated with a tank, select the tank from the list. Each Energy ticket associated with that tank displays, including the Service type, Service Date, Units, Inv. Amt, and Invoice #.

The Estimated Tank Fill Percentage displays at the top of the page. These tickets can also be filtered by choosing Filters and selecting a Start and End Date. Additionally, tickets can be searched by the associated Energy ticket # or the Invoice #.

If Tank Monitor Readings are being recorded within Agvance, those values will display in the Est Tank Percentage area.

Select the Eye icon to view the Delivered Product, Unit Price, and End Fill %.

Navigate back to the Energy tank listing by selecting Energy from the breadcrumbs at the top of the page.