Message Boards

The Pit’s message will display on the Message Board for the driver if a Scale Ticket is saved with a Pit and that Pit has a Message Board associated with it. The options that display on this screen are dependent on the Type and Make selected.

Agvance Grain Scale Interface supports the IPDisplays message board IPD-D03F. Contact SSI for assistance with setup.

Message Board

  • Location – Select the Location for the Message Board.
  • Scale – Select the scale associated with the Message Board.
  • Pit – Select the Pit associated with the Message Board.
  • Type – Choose Single-Line Display or Multi-Line Display for the type of board being used.
  • Make – Depending on the Type selected, choose the Make of the board.
  • Connection – Select Ethernet or COM as the connection.
  • Webservice URL – For Multi-Line Displays, enter the URL for web communication.
  • IP Address – For Multi-Line Displays, enter the IP address for web communication.
  • Port – Specify the port being used for the Ethernet connection.
  • COM Port – Select the COM port being used for the Message Board.
  • Message – Enter the message to display on the Message Board.
  • Send – This sends the message to the designated Message Board being added or edited.

Default Messages

Default Messages may be set to display when the RFID tag is scanned. This optionally displays information from recent tickets associated with the RFID tag.

  • Event – Select the event that occurs when the Default Message displays on the Message Board. There are auto-start options for the Message Board which can occur when the RFID is scanned and there is a match or if there is no match. There are also options to Capture Value from Moisture Tester, Scan of RFID Card, Add of Ticket with Gross Weight, Capture of Gross Weight, and Capture of Tare Weight.
  • Scale – Choose the scale where this Message Board is located. Options 1 and 2 represent scales. Option 3 represents a computer, such as a probe station.
  • Location – Select the Location for the Default Message.
  • Line 1 - Line 4 – Choose the lines to display.
  • Custom – Select this option if the message to display is custom.
  • What to Display – If not using custom messages, choose the option to display for each line on the Message Board. If using the Custom option, enter the message to display.
  • Grade Factors – If Grade Factors is selected in the What to Display column, select the Grade Factors to display.
  • Length of Time to Display – Indicate the number of seconds the information displays on the Message Board.