Delivery Jobs - Apply

To switch between Blend Jobs and Delivery Jobs, select the down arrow at the top of the screen. The number displayed indicates the number of each job type assigned to the applicator.

Delivery Job List

On any job, swipe from right to left to Delete to remove the job from the Driver's device. 

Select a job for more details and options related to that specific job.


The Overview tab displays basic information for the delivery including Customer Name, Contacts, and a map image of the Field Location. Tap Refresh in the upper right to reload the job from Agvance.

Swipe the top half of the screen from left to right for more details regarding the selected Blend Ticket.

On the lower half of the screen, a map of the job displays. The number of acres can be adjusted if necessary.

  1. Select the Compass icon to zoom to the current location on the map. 
  2. Tap the Directions icon to open an independent app with directions to the Field Location. 
  3. Select the Full View Map icon to open a full view of the satellite map.

Tapping Start Job communicates to SKY Dispatch the job has been started. 

When the job is completed, selecting Complete Job communicates the status to SKY Dispatch and optionally marks the ticket as Loaded in preparation for invoicing. 


The Products tab displays detailed information for the product being delivered.

  1. Search for and select additional products by choosing the green + icon.
  2. Select the Product to view additional details.
  3. The Ship From Location and Total Inventory Quantity can be adjusted here.


The Messages tab gives the ability to communicate with dispatchers in SKY Dispatch. Choose a Dispatcher and enter the message. Optionally upload any attachments by tapping the Paper Clip icon and tap the Blue Arrow to send.