Contracting Fuel


Update Budgets/Create Bookings Utility

This utility simplifies the process of calculating the amounts for the next budget season and making the contracts for these amounts. It calculates the number of gallons delivered per tank for each season and creates an unpaid Booking for the gallons and values the anticipated gallons to be delivered based on the number of months in the budget season.

For details on completing the Setup screen, see Setup. Once the setup is done, on the Create tab, select Preview to load the customers into the grid. The customer information loads based on the entries on the Setup tab and the customer’s tank file. Use the Post checkbox at the beginning of the row to select the customers to process. Selecting Post updates the Equal Billing amount on the tank file and creates an unpaid Booking for the customer. If the customer prepays this Booking before deliveries begin, a Payment on Account may be entered at Accounting / A/R / Payments.

Partially or Fully Paid Contract

In the Accounting module, add a Product Booking (A/R / Product Bookings / Add) for the customer using the fuel product. If the customer is paying, put a checkmark in the P column, which is the Paid indicator. If the customer is only paying part of the amount, place a checkmark in the Dwn column. With the Dwn column marked, double-click in the <Amt Paid> column. The amount may be entered as Percent of Total $, Per Billing Unit, or Dollars. Once the amount is entered, select Calculate Down Payment. If the down payment information displayed is correct, choose Done. As the customer is invoiced for this fuel product, the prepay money is used proportionally to the down payment amount.


Some vendors allow a partial payment (or down payment) to be made to hold a specific price for a product. For instructions on how to record a partial prepayment to a vendor, see here.