Grower360 Banner Display

Banner Display can be found under Grower360 in SKY Admin.

Create custom banners to display at the top of the Grower360 Overview page for customers to view. A preview of the banner will display on the right.

  1. Select Add Banner.
  2. Optionally choose the + icon to upload an image. It is recommended the image size be 375 x 200 pixels.
  3. Choose Grower360 Content or External Link.
    • Grower360 Content will display an image or text to the Grower from within Grower360. The Content Heading and Content Text fields are required.
      Note: Text entered in the Content Heading and Content Text fields will not display if an image has been uploaded. This information will display upon selecting More Info on the banner.
    • An External Link allows the Grower to select banner and open the designated link in a new tab. The Button Label and URL Address fields are required. The Optional Heading will only display if no image is uploaded.
      Note: The URL must be complete and include https:// at the beginning.
  4. Edit Banner Content can be selected once a banner is saved. This gives the ability to add additional banners or edit/delete existing.