Agronomy Scale Company Preferences

Company Preferences found under the Setup menu in Agvance Scale Interface allows the labels for Comment 1 through 5 to be changed along with other preference settings.

  • Comment 1-5 – Optionally enter a more descriptive new label for each of these Comment areas on the ticket. These labels are limited to ten characters in length.
  • Show/Print Inv Units – If selected, Inventory Units for the Product selected are displayed on a Delivery Ticket.
  • Show/Print Package Units – If selected, Package Units for the Product selected are displayed on a Delivery Ticket.
  • Allow Import and Transfer of In-Process Non-Certified Tickets – Non-certified tickets refer to the SASI-California Ticket Type. If using a hopper scale, there is typically only a Tare or Gross Weight. Selecting this preference allows Scale Tickets with only one weight to be imported.
  • Require a Product for Delivery Ticket records – If selected, a Delivery Ticket Ticket Type must have a Product entered before the ticket can be saved.
  • Product Must be Valid – If selected, a Product must be chosen from the list of valid Products. A Product cannot be typed in the field.
  • Perform credit check on Scale Ticket – With this option selected, the program looks at the Delivery Credit Check setting at Accounting / Setup / Preferences on the A/R tab and performs credit limit checking accordingly when a Customer is chosen.
  • Require a Blend Ticket if Ticket Type is Blend Ticket or Blend Ticket (VRT) – Marking this option requires the selection of a Blend Ticket number on the Scale Ticket for a Ticket Type of Blend Ticket or Blend Ticket (VRT) before saving is allowed.
  • Disallow Cancel of Delivery Ticket Creation upon Completion of Scale Ticket – With this option selected, upon saving a Delivery Ticket, the options available are Yes to create a new Delivery Ticket or No to update an existing one on the Type of Delivery Ticket Interface window.
  • SASI California Alternate Company Heading – For California users, if the company name on the weighmaster license is different than the company name in Agvance, enter the company name as it appears on the weighmaster license in this field. Then, when the Use SASI California Alternative Heading preference is selected at Setup / Configure Scale Interface, this company name prints on the ticket printout.
  • SASI California customer must be filled out to print – When selected and the Ticket Type is Delivery Ticket, Blend Ticket, or Blend Ticket (VRT), the Customer name must either be entered manually or selected from the Customer list.