Adding Field Imagery - SKY Mapping

Importing Imagery

  1. In Premium Mapping, select Import from the Action menu, and choose Upload Files
  2. In the Data Type field, select Imagery
  3. In the Format Type field, choose GeoTIFF (*.tiff, *.tif)
  4. Drag and drop image files or import by selecting Click Here To Browse To Files
  5. After selecting the files, choose Upload
  6. i displays when processing is complete. 
  7. Select the uploaded file then choose the Vertical Ellipsis icon to the right of the file. Select Import Single File. The files are scanned and imported. 
  8. Select the image name in the Imagery Detail field to Edit. Choose to update the Layer Name, Season, and Date, then select Save
  9. The image matches to a Field boundary within Premium Mapping and displays on the screen. If a Field does not exist for the image, select Fields from the Menu bar to create one. 
  10. Select Next to review details of the importing image and choose Next again to continue. 
  11. Select Create Layer. Once created, Complete displays. Choose Close.

Working with Imagery

  1. From the Menu bar, select a Field. 
  2. Within the Field, select Layers and choose the Field Data tab. 
  3. Choose the Vertical Ellipsis icon to Edit Layer, Delete Layer, or Print Layer.