Add a New Field - SKY Mapping

When adding a new field to SKY Mapping, the field and farm may be added in the Agvance Hub first and selected from a populated drop-down list or added from SKY Mapping as the field is being drawn.

  1. Navigate to the desired customer and select the Vertical Ellipsis icon to the right of the Customer Name.
  2. Select Add New Field.
    • If the Field/Farm names have been previously set up in the Agvance Hub:
      • On the General Information tab, choose Farm Name from the drop-down.
      • The Field Name drop-down populates, allowing the Field to be chosen from the list.
    • If the Field/Farm names have not been previously set up in the Agvance Hub:
      • Create a new Field in Agvance SKY by manually entering the Field/Farm name. A new Field will automatically be created and will also display in the Agvance Hub.
      • Fill in any additional information to be stored for the new Field. The information entered here is for reference only.
  3. Select Import to import a shapefile of the boundary or choose the Draw icon to view available drawing tools and to create a Field boundary.
    • Select either the Polygon or Circle tool to draw a Field boundary.
    • The Field displays the total number of acres within the new boundary.
  4. Choose Save. An error message displays if required fields are not completed.