Add Journal Entry - SKY Ledger

Create a manual Journal Entry in the ledger by selecting the blue + Add Entry button once drilled into an account.

Note: A Company Admin will have to turn on this ability in SKY Admin per user.

  1. Choose General or Vendor as the type of entry. If Vendor is selected, choose the Vendor from the drop-down and optionally select Prepay. Adjust the Entry Date if needed and key in a Ref/Check #. If needed, indicate if this should be a Future Journal Entry or should Reverse Next Month.
  2. Choose a Split ID from the drop-down if applicable. These Split IDs must first be set up in Agvance. Indicate if Debit or Credit, enter the amount, and select Apply. If not selecting a Split ID, choose Accounts from the drop-downs, enter the Debit/Credit amounts, and optionally enter a Comment. Check the Show Quantity option to include quantities in the transaction. Additional accounts can be added to the transaction by selecting Add Account.
  3. The JE Description field is optional.
  4. Review the Total Debit, Total Credit, and Difference between the two at the bottom of the screen to ensure accuracy.
  5. Select Post and Start New to create a new Journal Entry or Post Entry to post this entry and return to the Accounts screen. Choose Cancel to return to the Accounts screen without posting.