7.0.25780 | 06.18.2024



  • FTM-3821 / Deposit Date Range – A Date Range filter is now available when adding a deposit at G/L / Bank Deposit. This gives the ability to Tag All or Untag All line items based on the date range entered.


  • FTM-3844 / PMR Export – The ShipFrom information on the PMR export now comes from the Location setup and not the Company.

Accounting Reports

  • FTM-3837 / AP 1099 Detail ReportGross was added as an option under the 1099 Type drop-down for the AP 1099 Detail report at Accounting Reports / Accounts Payable / A/P Status.
  • FTM-3840 / Booking Usage Report – In the Custom Export for the Booking Usage report (Accounting Reports / Accounts Receivable / Bookings), columns have been added to indicate if the Booking line is paid or not and to what level it is paid:
    • B – Booked
    • D – Down Payment
    • P – Paid


  • FTM-3800 / Document History Time – Customers in time zones to the WEST of CST have the correct Date and Time displayed on the Document History tab for those records returned from CRM.


Grain Scale Interface

  • FTM-3818 / RFID Recall Freight Vendor and Charges – A new RFID preference is available when adding/editing RFID Readers at Grain Scale Interface / Setup / RFID / Preferences called Recall Freight to recall the Freight Vendor information for a previous RFID ticket. When this is set, the Vendor and rate are pulled in from the previous ticket of the same RFID.
  • FTM-3828 / RFID Auto Start – When using RFID auto-start (Auto Start Reader is checked when adding/editing at Grain Scale Interface / Setup / RFID / Readers), the direction of the ticket currently being edited will not change just because a new ticket has been started by RFID auto-start on that same machine.



  • FTM-3808 / Sending Emails – Everywhere that sends an email through API or Windows Agvance will now require the Mail Host and Address information be fully populated at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences. The Email Password on the User setup (adding/editing a User at Hub / Setup / Users) and in the Format 2 area on the A/P tab at Accounting / Setup / Preferences have been removed. The Email Address on the User setup will only be used as a Reply To address. The From will ALWAYS be the email set up in Company Preferences. For those using Send Grid to send CRM emails (using CRM only), it can still be set up to use agvancecrm@agvance.net as the From address. As before, if this is not filled out, there is NO emailing inside the application. 
    Note: To send any of the below options, the Mail Host and Port always needs set up for the items below and the User must be set up to send these. With this change, only the full Mail Host information at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences needs populated. Some will still require a User's email for the Reply To as before:
    • Agvance Reports (using Send Email when previewing)
    • AP PO Approver Emails
    • Windows Dispatch (completed job emails)
    • Purchase Orders (emailing to Vendors)
    • AP ACH (email notifications to Vendors)
    • Emails generated from AgvAgent for PDF output
    • Emails to Energy Drivers from Energy Work Order or Call-In option
    • Emails from Mobile Sales through the API


  • FTM-3872 / MapShots Connections Database – The API Connections database now contains a record to use as the BING Application ID. This value is currently the same as what is hardcoded and will remain until the new values are placed in that database. This gives the ability to publish  the code change once the new key is obtained and update in one place to have all applications at or newer than this value pickup use the new key without needing another code change.