Setting Up Email Capability in Agvance

Emails can be sent from Agvance by setting up the Mail Host information on the Company Preferences window.

In Version 7.0.25780 and up, everywhere that sends an email through API or Windows Agvance will require the Mail Host and Address information be fully populated. The Email Address on the User setup will only be used as a Reply To address. The From will ALWAYS be the email set up here. For those using Send Grid to send CRM emails (using CRM only), it can still be set up to use as the From address.

If this is not filled out, there is NO emailing inside the application. To send any of the below options, the Mail Host and Port always need set up for the items below and the User must be set up to send these. Only the full Mail Host information needs populated. Some will still require a User's email for the Reply To:

  • Agvance Reports (using Send Email when previewing)
  • AP PO Approver Emails
  • Windows Dispatch (completed job emails)
  • Purchase Orders (emailing to Vendors)
  • AP ACH (email notifications to Vendors)
  • Emails generated from AgvAgent for PDF output
  • Emails to Energy Drivers from Energy Work Order or Call-In option
  • Emails from Mobile Sales through the API

Setting Up the Mail Host

To send e-mails from Agvance, a Mail Host address must be entered at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences.

The Mail Host address can usually be found by searching the domain name (the last part of the email address, i.e. at This site can often discover the IP address of the Mail Host, which is also usable.

Note: It may be necessary to contact an IT provider to help gather this information.

Setting up Individual User Email Accounts

Agvance Users will need to enter their respective e-mail addresses on the Profile tab at Hub / Setup / Users.