Inventory - Warehouse

The Inventory area provides access to Available for Sale, Inventory Adjustment, Physical Inventory Counts, and Update Bar Codes.

Available for Sale

The Available for Sale information is listed by Product and Location to easily identify what product is available and where it is located.

Use the Search bar to find the Product. The tabs listed under the search bar define the area being searched.

  • Abc – This option searches all products alphabetically.
  • Bar Code – This option allows a bar code to be scanned to find the product.
  • Star – This option searches within the Favorite Products area.

Selecting a product opens the Available for Sale window. The default Location is based on the location established in the app Preferences. Only those locations the user has access to in Agvance will be displayed.

Available products are listed by Location with the product details displayed. Based on user preferences in Agvance, cost information may also be available. Selecting a Location displays the product details for that location only.

Create New Delivery Ticket

A new Delivery Ticket can be generated by tapping Create New Delivery Ticket and completing the necessary information.

Note: The Time Zone of the location is used for the Ordered time.

Physical Inventory Count

When products have been frozen in Agvance Accounting, counts for those products may be entered here. Products not frozen will not be available for selection.

For those who should not have the ability to perform physical inventory counts, edit the user in Agvance at Hub / Setup / Users / Agvance Apps and select Restrict from Physical Inventory Count.

Search for the product using the Abc or Bar Code options.

The Department Name, Product Name, Prod ID, and Department ID display.

The Frozen Balance information is available on a user by user basis established at Hub / Setup / Users / Agvance Apps. Selecting the Suppress Frozen Balance option suppresses the inventory balance at the time the product was frozen in Agvance.

Enter the Physical Count information and select Save to update the quantity in Agvance. If a physical count is saved and then the same product is opened later, the Add to Existing Count window displays and includes the previous count recorded.

  • Add – This adds the quantity entered to the previous count.
  • Replace – This updates the previous count to the quantity entered.
  • Cancel – Choose this to cancel the Physical Count,

Inventory Adjustments

The Inventory Adjustments area allows the option to quickly and easily adjust inventory. Functionality for this area is identical to the functionality found in Agvance.

Access to this area can be set on a user by user basis in Agvance at Hub / Setup / Users / Agvance Apps.

Note: Adjusting inventory while others are posting in Agvance may have undesired results. It is recommended to ensure all users are locked out of the product in Agvance before adjusting inventory.

The New Inventory Adj window opens when selecting Inventory Adjustments. Search for products using the Search bar. Search all Products, by Bar Code, or in Favorite Products by selecting the appropriate tab.

Selecting the product displays the Current Amount on Hand.

  • Inventory Adjustment Type – Select Physical, Broken Bags, End of Month. or Adjustment Types set in Agvance.
  • Inventory Count Type – Select Physical or Difference.
  • Lot Numbers – If using Lot Numbers, select the appropriate Lot Number.
  • Physical or Difference Count – Depending on the type of count being conducted, enter the appropriate count information.

Selecting Save updates the changes in Agvance.

Update Bar Codes

The Update Bar Codes option provides a quick and easy way to update bar code information for a product.

Search for a product using the Add Product Search bar. With the product open, either manually enter the bar code in the Add/Edit New barcode field or select the Bar Code icon to scan using the device camera. Tap Save when finished.