VitaCrop Setup

For Agvance customers who sell VitaCrop B, VitaCrop Zn (formerly Wolf Trax), or similar products, certain setup is required for formulation on the Blend Ticket to result in the correct rate/acre.

Below are two charts that detail how VitaCrop product rates (in pounds and ounces) translate to elemental pounds of the nutrients provided. For VitaCrop B, 0.60 VC lbs is equivalent to one elemental pound of Boron and so on according to the chart. 

For VitaCrop Zn, 0.18 VC lbs is equivalent to one elemental pound of Zinc and so on according to the chart.

In order to determine what to enter for the Nutrient Contributor values for either product, divide 100 by the VC lbs value that corresponds to one elemental pound.

VitaCrop B

Elemental lbs12345678910
VC lbs0.601.201.802.403.003.604.204.805.406.00
VC oz9.7019.2028.8038.4048.0057.6067.2076.8086.4096.00

Example: 100 / 0.60 = 166.6

VitaCrop Zn

Elemental lbs12345678910
VC lbs0.180.360.540.720.901.081.261.441.621.80
VC oz2.905.808.6011.5014.4017.3020.2023.0025.9028.80

Example: 100 / 0.18 = 555.555

When the above setup is in place, the resulting rate/acre of the VitaCrop product will be correct when formulating for 1-10 lbs of Boron or Zinc per acre on an Agvance Blend Ticket.

DISCLAIMER: Even though the desired rate/acre for VitaCrop will be formulated, the resulting Guaranteed Analysis that displays on the Blend Ticket will not be correct.