Using Credit Statuses

Credit statuses are a valuable tool which, when put into effect, can help you manage special credit situations. You will also have the ability to monitor credit status overrides with the Credit Override Log report.


Credit statuses are set up in Hub / Setup / Credit Statuses.

Click the Add button. Enter a Credit Status name and type in the Warning Message. The warning message will appear when doing any sales transactions (blending, deliveries, invoices, or quick tickets). Optionally, check the Require Reason checkbox. When checked, if a user bypasses a credit warning, they will be required to type in a reason that can later be reviewed on the Credit Override Log report. Click the Save button.

Credit status can be applied to customers in Accounting / File / Open / Customers / Credit tab.

Drop down the Credit Status selection options and select the appropriate Credit Status for the customer. Verify a date is entered in the Date Opened selection, and click the Save button.

Sales Transactions

When processing a customer with a credit status setup, Agvance will give the user a warning message. If the user clicks the OK button to bypass the message, a Reason for Credit Status Override window will appear. (This window will only appear if the credit status requires a reason for override).

Type in the Reason for the credit status override or select a reason from the drop down box. Click the Apply button to apply the reason, and then click the OK button. The user will then be able to process the sales transaction as they typically would.

Reporting Tools

Credit status overrides can be monitored in Accounting Reports / Accounts Receivable / Credit Reports. The Credit Override Log records all credit overrides. This can be run by date range and by User or Customer.