Technology License Setup

Technology licenses are assigned to customers who purchase a license to buy proprietary product from a vendor. Most commonly, seed companies with a certain proprietary type of seed will license their product. These vendors are set up as Technology Groups by selecting Add Tech Group at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences on the Product tab. 

As these groups are added, set the preferred level of checking for Agvance to perform when a product included in this Technology Group is entered on a ticket. Agvance automatically allows a sale if the method checked is Allow, gives a warning but does not stop the sale if the method is Warn Only, or stops the sale on a ticket where none of the customers have a valid permit number if the method is Restrict Sale.

Once the Technology Groups are set up, edit the products associated with that group, and choose the appropriate Technology Group on the Profile tab. 

Add the customer license numbers by editing each customer and selecting Tech Lic #s at the bottom of the Add or Edit A Customer screen. 

Enter the customer's license number on the right side of the screen and double-click on the Technology Group column heading to choose the group to which the license applies. Place a checkmark in the Active checkbox if that license is currently active. Select Done to complete the process.

Note: The Effective Date and Expiration Date are only available if the Technology Group selected is marked as a Veterinary Feed Directive.