SKY Scouting Detail

The Sky Scouting Detail report displays a recap and details of Scouting Events per Field to help keep Growers informed of Field events throughout the season. 

  1. Navigate to Reports / SKY Mapping and select the Sky Scouting Detail Report
  2. Select the desired Field(s).
    Note: Individual Events under each Field can also be selected. Choosing multiple Events causes the report to display per Field. 
  3. Choose the appropriate season from the Season drop-down under Options. This runs all Recs for the chosen Field(s) per season selected. 
  4. Select the desired Basemap imagery from the Basemap dropdown. 
  5. Optionally select the following report criteria: 
    • Crop – Select to run the report for only the Crop selected on the chosen Field(s). 
    • Start / End Date – Choose to include only Recs within the selected date range. 
    • Custom Imagery – Select if custom drone imagery has been imported for the chosen Field. 
  6. Once all desired report criteria are selected, choose Create Report.
    Note: If no Events are available per the report criteria selected, a warning message displays and the report fails to run. 
  7. The report displays in the Reports Based on Field Selection grid with a Status of In Progress. Choose View Report to open the report.