Sales Tax Summary Report

The query below shows the county, rate, and total amount of tax applied on an Invoice for a specified fiscal month range.

SELECT [Invoice].[County], Sum([InvLi].[Taxamount]) AS [SumOfTaxamount], [InvLi].[TaxRate]
FROM [Invoice]
INNER JOIN [InvSplit] ON [Invoice].[InvNum] = [InvSplit].[InvNum]
AND [Invoice].[Location] = [InvSplit].[Location]
AND [Invoice].[InvDate] = [InvSplit].[InvoiceDate]
INNER JOIN [InvLi] ON [InvSplit].[InvNum] = [InvLi].[InvNum]
AND [InvSplit].[Location] = [InvLi].[Location]
AND [InvSplit].[InvoiceDate] = [InvLi].[InvoiceDate]
AND [InvSplit].[CUSTID] = [InvLi].[CUSTID]
WHERE [Invoice].[EndOfYearGUID] IS NULL
AND [Invoice].[FiscalMonth] >= 7
AND [Invoice].[FiscalMonth] <= 10
GROUP BY [Invoice].[County], [InvLi].[TaxRate]
HAVING Sum([InvLi].[Taxamount]) > 0; 

To run this query, paste it into the white box at the bottom of the window at Hub / Utilities / Queries. Adjust the Fiscal Month numbers to include the desired range. (The current query is set to begin in month 7 and end in month 10. To adjust the query, replace the 7 with the first month and the 10 with the last month).