Printing Paychecks

Batch Print Checks

If the Batch Print Checks option is selected at Setup / Preferences on the Payroll tab, going to Payroll / Batch Print Checks is where the checks are printed. The starting and ending check numbers that default in to this screen should be verified for accuracy.


Reprint ACH Check

Reprint any payroll check, including ACH checks, by editing the check at Payroll / Edit a Paycheck. Highlight the check to be printed, select Edit and click Print.


At Payroll / ACH Data Management / Print ACH ‘Checks’, select the Date Range of Employee ACH Checks option. Enter the paycheck date in the Start Date and End Date areas. Mark the Include Previously Exported Checks option. Use the Select button to choose specific employees. If no employees are selected, this method will reprint all of the ACH checks within the specified date range.