Print Translucent Crop Zone Maps

Q.  How can a translucent crop zone map be printed in Agvance Mapping?

A.  In Agvance Mapping, select a field to display. Choose File / Print / Report Books. In the Report Books window, choose the New Report Book heading, and then click the Open icon. In the Report Book Configuration window, select the crop zones to include in the report.

This report can be created at the Grower, Farm, or Field level. At the top center, select either the Grower, Farm, or Field tab. Click on the Crop Zone Overview Map in the Unselected column, and then click the right arrow button to move the map to the Selected column. 

In the far right panel of the Report Book Configuration, select the Options tab, and select Custom Appearance. Set the Theme By to CropZoneName. Optionally, select the Top Label and Bottom Label

Select the Map tab in the far right panel, and choose the Override Book option. Select the necessary Map Content. Select the Force Translucent checkbox, and set the Translucency to the desired results.  

To save the report for future use, click Save As. Enter a Name for the Report Book and set the other fields as needed.  

When finished, choose Run to process the report. The Crop Zone Overview Map displays with translucent crop zones.