Outbound - Warehouse


Tap Outbound to access Delivery Tickets. If any tickets are assigned to the user, a visual indicator on the Outbound option displays the number of tickets assigned.

Selecting the All Unloaded Tickets options displays all unloaded Delivery Tickets that have been created either within Agvance or the app.

Filter the jobs list for only those assigned to the user by selecting the Assigned to Me tab.

Use the Search field to search by customer name, ticket number, from a list of favorites, or from an existing Delivery Ticket document by scanning the customer or Delivery Ticket number bar code (optional print preference in Accounting). Selecting a customer displays tickets for only that customer. Select All Customers/Tickets to return to the full list.

The green dot beside a ticket reflects unloaded tickets that have not yet been opened within the app.

Sort By

Select Sort By on the bottom-left to sort the ticket list.

  • Requesting Locations – This option sorts and groups tickets by locations.
  • Assigned User – This option sorts and groups tickets by assigned user.
  • Date/Time – This option sorts tickets in ascending order by Date and Time.

Filter By

Choose Filter By located on the bottom right to filter the ticket list.

  • Ticket Location(s) – Selecting this option opens the Locations window and allows the option to filter tickets by ticket location.
  • Ship From Location(s) – Selecting this option opens the Locations window and allows the option to filter tickets by Ship From Locations.

Creating/Editing a Delivery Ticket

Select the Customer, then tap Create New Delivery Ticket or tap a ticket listed to view or edit information.


When opening a ticket within the app, the ticket is locked both in Agvance and in the app, preventing others from editing the ticket. The ticket information displays in a view-only mode. Any text field boxes or text displayed in blue indicate a field that can be edited.

Use the Add Product search field to add products to the Delivery Ticket. Search by:

  • Abc – Start entering a product name. After three letters are entered, the app searches the database for product names containing that string of letters. As more letters are entered, the search narrows.
  • Bar Code – Scan the bar code to find the product.
  • Star – Search the list of favorite products.

Tap the product to add it to the ticket and see some of the product's information. 

To complete the addition, enter the Requested Quantity, select a Lot Number (if applicable) and turn on the Product Picked toggle if the product has been pulled from inventory and is staged and ready for pick up or delivery. 

The amount defaults to the Requested Quantity but can be changed if the pickup/delivery quantity is different. The Load Amount field turns red to indicate the amounts do not match and a warning displays asking how the underloaded product(s) should be handled.

  • Back to Ticket – If an error was made entering a quantity, select this option to return to the ticket and make a correction.
  • Discard Product(s) – If the picked quantity is correct and the customer will not be taking the remaining requested quantity, select this option.
  • Add to New Ticket – If the customer will be receiving the remainder of the Requested Quantity later, select this option to add the product(s) to a new ticket. All products from the original ticket where the Requested Quantity is greater than the picked quantity will be added to a new ticket. The new ticket will include a comment Created from underloaded Delivery Ticket XXX.
    Note: The new ticket is not considered on backorder.

Select Done to finalize adding the product to the ticket. Swipe a product to the left and tap Delete to remove a product from the ticket.

  • Requested Quantity – Edit the quantity of product on a ticket. Adjusting the quantity here updates the quantity on the ticket in Agvance.
  • Available for Sale / Calculate – Selecting Calculate displays the amount of product currently available to sell. This is based on a calculation of the current amount on hand plus any amount currently on order (Purchase Orders) less any undelivered quantity.
  • Lot Number / Add – Edit or add Lot Numbers to a ticket. If Lot Numbers have been established for the product, a listing of available Lot Numbers displays.
  • Select Containers – This opens the Contain app where a container can be assigned to the product.


Signatures can be captured by selecting the Signature icon in the upper right-hand area of the window. A Signature window displays to use a finger or device pen to sign on-screen. Saving the signature attaches it to the ticket and saves it in Agvance.


Selecting the Notes icon opens a window where notes related to the ticket can be entered. All information entered is saved to the ticket, both in the app and in Agvance, when selecting Done. The notes are then displayed in the Comments area of the Delivery Ticket and print on the Delivery Ticket.

Save Unloaded Ticket

Tickets may be saved as Unloaded for later use if the product has not been picked up/delivered. Save any changes made to the unloaded ticket such as the Requested Quantity, adding Lot Numbers, or assigning a Container. All changes are saved in the app and in Agvance. 

Load Selected Product(s)

After all products have been added to the ticket, products are marked as Picked and the signature is captured, select Load Selected Product(s) to change the ticket to a Loaded Delivery Ticket and make it available for invoicing in Agvance Accounting. Once a ticket is marked as Loaded, it is no longer accessible in the Warehouse app.


Customer contact information displays as well as federal and state permits and any notes related to that customer.

  • Ship To – Tap Select to choose the Ship To for the ticket.
  • Federal Permit – Tapping Select gives the opportunity to add a Federal Permit.
  • State Permit – Choosing Add Permit gives the opportunity to add a State Permit.


The Fulfillment area includes options to add products, view who requested the ticket, the ordering location, ticket assignment, the Ship From location, and the Available for Sale information.

Assign the ticket or adjust the Ship From Locations by selecting the Side Arrow. When assigning the ticket, a visual indicator within the Outbound square on the Home Page serves as a notification. No other alerts or messages are sent.


Print or View Delivery Tickets, Hazardous Material sheets, SDS, or WPS documents directly from the Documents tab. Printing requires a wireless, airprint-capable printer.

Note: Agrian is required for the SDS and WPS documents to be available to print.

Selecting Cancel on any window displays a dialog box stating all unsaved changes will be lost and verifying the cancel.