Move/Transfer Tank

Navigate to Energy / Operations/ Move/Transfer Tank.

  • Date – Enter the date.
  • Serial # – Double-click and select the tank to be moved or transferred.
  • From ID – The existing customer on the tank displays.
  • To ID – If using either the Transfer or the Transfer/Move option, double-click and select the customer receiving the tank.
  • Description – Additional information about the move or transfer may be entered in this area.
  • Move, Transfer, Transfer/Move
    • Move – The Move option is moving the location of the tank. The tank remains with the same customer, but the location of the tank changes.
    • Transfer – The Transfer option changes the ownership of the tank. An example of this is a new customer buys property that has an existing tank.
    • Transfer/Move – The Transfer/Move option combines both options. The transfer changes the ownership of the tank, and the move changes the location.