Inventory Checkup Out of Balance

The Inventory Checkup indicates several products are out of balance. How can these products be corrected that are out of balance?

The purpose of the Inventory Checkup is to review the inventory detail on each product and compare the balances with the balance currently saved as the Amount on Hand. To correct any out-of-balance product, edit the product at Hub / Utilities / Admin Utilities / Accounting / Edit Product Balances and type the calculated balance from the Inventory Checkup report into the Amount on Hand field. If that quantity is incorrect, make an Inventory Adjustment to reflect the actual Amount on Hand.


If the calculated value is blank, it is recommended to edit and save the product. Once this is done, re-run the Inventory Checkup report.
If the product is still on the checkup, look to see if there is a balance in the Calculated column. If there is a balance, edit the product Amount on Hand to the calculated value at Hub / Utilities / Admin Utilities / Accounting / Edit Product Balances. If there is not a value in the Calculated column, please contact SSI for further assistance.