In Truck Solutions

Mobile Energy

Agvance Mobile Energy is an additional purchase module designed to use ruggedized laptops from the field to connect to the Agvance database. Drivers enter transactions such as tickets, payments, and Inter-Company Transfers from the truck, and sync the information with the Agvance database. Documents created in Mobile Energy are available for viewing in the Energy module after the driver syncs the data. For more information on this module, contact SSI.

Energy Force

Agvance interfaces with Energy Force. The transactions are done through Energy Force in the truck, and then a file is exported from Energy Force and imported into Agvance to create Invoices. For more information on this additional purchase interface, contact SSI.

EZ Count

EZ Count is an additional purchase module. Information may be exported to a card that drivers use to make deliveries with EZ Count software. The software then creates a file which is imported to create Invoices in Agvance Accounting.