Computer Cleaning Tips & Tricks


  • What you use to clean your case is pretty much up to you. If it's really dirty, spray a little Windex or some other all-purpose cleaner onto a soft cloth to remove dust and dirt. Follow that up with a little Pledge to shine it up.
  • Never spray anything directly on the computer. Always spray the cloth and not the computer.
  • Make sure you don't get any of the cleansers you use on the case onto your screen (see below for screen cleaning tips).


  • For your keyboard, the best thing to do is go to Office Depot or some such store and get a can of compressed air. Use this to blow all the dust bunnies out from under your keys.
  • Some people like to take all the keys off and clean the contacts with alcohol. We do not recommend doing this unless the keyboard is completely unusable and compressed air isn't doing the trick.

LCD Monitors

  • LCD monitors are the very thin monitors used on laptops. The flat-panel monitors that are about an inch thick are also LCD monitors.
  • Your screen is much less forgiving than your case. LCD screens are made of clear plastic and can easily become cloudy and scratched if not cleaned properly.
  • For a cleaning solution, mix 1 part water and 1 part isopropyl alcohol (standard clear rubbing alcohol - don't use the green stuff). There are commercial cleaning solutions available, but they are very expensive and usually are just a 50/50 solution of water and isopropol alcohol.
  • Be absolutely sure to use a very, very soft cloth like a piece of soft flannel. Do not use paper towels or anything more abrasive than an old worn out cotton T-shirt.
  • Absolutely do not use Windex or anything with ammonia in it, it can etch the screen surface and can cause the plastic to go cloudy. You don't want that to happen!
  • Be careful not to apply too much pressure to the screen when you clean it.

CRT Monitors

  • CRT Monitors are large and heavy, and have glass screens like a TV.
  • Clean these with any glass cleaner and a soft cloth.
  • Again, be careful not to spray the cleaner directly onto the screen.