Grain Unpriced Assembly

Q.  When running the Grain Inventory report, it is showing out of balance on the first page by the amount of the unpriced assembly units.

A.  When converting to a build after 6.0.17090 for the first time, set up will need to be completed for Unpriced Assembly/Scale Ticket liability valuations to post to the general ledger by disposition.  The accounts being used for the liability posting are found at Grain / Setup / Grain Ledger / G/L Posting Accounts (Grain Bank Liability, Basis Fixed Liability, Hedge to Arrive Liability, Minimum Priced Liability, Futures Fixed Liability, Priced Later Liability).

This can be corrected by using the Assembly Sheet Summary report at Grain / Grain Reports / Assembly Sheets and entering the Open Assembly units by disposition for each Commodity/Location on the Grain Units tab at Setup / Grain Ledger Accounts by Commodity/Location.