Grade Factors

Grade Factors are used to identify attributes of the commodity. They are used in the setup of Premium/Discount to affect the price transacted on a commodity. Additionally, they are used to create Shrink and Dock Tables, which control quantity of the commodity.

Common examples of Grade Factors are Moisture, Test Weight, Foreign Matter, etc.

Grade Factor Setup Information

Found at Setup / Grade Factors, Grade Factors are fundamental in the setup of Agvance Grain and are used throughout the program.

Note: Grade Factors are shared by Commodities. It is not necessary to re-enter Grade Factors for each Commodity.

  • Factor – This required field is the primary reference identifying the Grade Factor. This important, short descriptor appears throughout the program and on Settlement documents. A maximum of 8 characters may be used.
  • Description – Enter a description to add clarification to the ID when selecting Grade Factors.
  • Factor Type – Grade Factors may be set up as Premium/Discount or Shrink Table, Dock Table, PD and Shrink, or PD and Dock factors. Shrink and Dock Tables affect units while Premium/Discount Tables affect dollar values. The default type is Premium/Discount.
  • Drying Charge – Some Grade Factors carry drying charges associated with them. If that is the case, select this option. When Drying Charge is chosen, price/unit is not affected. Instead, the Assembly Sheet report calculates drying charges. This option only does the calculation with a premium/discount table.
  • Calculate Based on Net Units – This option is available when Drying Charge is selected and allows the drying charges to be based on net bushels instead of gross bushels. Grade Factor averages remain calculated on gross units.